Moving? Take the Stress out of moving house

Moving house Is rated high upon the list when it comes to stressful times. With our handy guide you can take the stress out of moving and have more time to enjoy your new journey.


Pick a moving date

Of course you want your moving date to be here as quickly as possible but there are dates to avoid. Bank holidays, school term and Fridays are the worst time to move due to busy roads, children and higher prices for services etc. so when deciding on a date with other parties make sure you have the busy periods in mind.

4 weeks before your moving date

  1. If you are using removal firms, get 3 quotes and make sure the company you are using are insured for breakages or damages. Get the company you have chosen booked in sooner rather than later.
  2. Buy all your packing supplies, don’t forget Boxes, Tape, Marker pens, Bin bags, bubble wrap and masking tape.
  3. Clear out old clothes and unwanted items. Declutter all your wardrobes and draws, any clothes that no longer fit, not been worn for years and are damaged can be taken to the charity shop. Throw away all broken toys, and junk that you no longer want or use. This will help the packing process much easier and the load lighter.
  4. Pack as much as you can, Do you really need those winter clothes in the middle of summer, Do you really need your pictures on the wall, do the children really need all the stack of toys they have. (Make sure you label every box clearly and mark box if you heave breakables in.
  5. If you are taking time off work make sure you book in your leave with your employer.

1 week before your moving date

  1. Cancel any deliveries you may have such as newspapers, magazines and milk
  2. notify everyone of your change of address including bank, DVLA, Council, utility companies, creditors, employer, family and friends.
  3. Cancel your phone, TV service provider or get this service changed to your new address. Most companies will need to know your moving date.
  4. Pack most of your clothes and just keep a few sets out and other items that you will no longer need, pack cupboards in the kitchen of things you wont be using i.e. glasses, dry foods etc.

The day before moving day

Take down any beds (sleep on the mattress on the floor, its only for one night) pack remaining furniture and kitchen utensils.

Make up a survival kits (you will need this)

This should contain

– Kettle

– Tea/coffee/milk/sugar/cups

– Water and drinks for the children

– Snacks to eat throughout the moving day, as you will be busy.

– Small toys for the children

– Cleaning products (you will want this in your new home before you pack your belongings)


    On the moving day   

  1. Don’t panic as you have done most of the work in the preparation weeks.
  2. Take your final meter readings as your gas and electricity provider will need these
  3. Collect your keys for your new house from your estate agent.
  4. Load and move your belongings to your new home.
  5. Do a final walk through of your old property to ensure you have everything
  6. Clean your new home
  7. Put boxes away in the relevant rooms
  8. Find the nearest takeaway and enjoy

After the Moving day

Unpack the rest of your belongings and make your new house your HOME and ENJOY




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